Musik Video mit Stereochemistry

The team at Ocean Studio is very proud of the latest music video for the song „Echo Love“ by Karla Stereochemistry. This time we took the whole team, Mrs. Stereochemistry and her Steuerberater to our favorite forest and transformed it into a studio for a few days in winter and spring. We are excited about these kind of project collaborations, where all just seems to happen for a reason nobody knows. We hope you enjoy the song and visuals.

Directed by: Alexander Klebe
Production: Ocean Studio Berlin / Stereochemistry
Editor: Karla Hajman
Art Director: Joan Imitola
Costume Designer: Joan Imitola, Simone Klebe, Karla Hajman, Olga Heldwein
Drone Operator: Stefan Hentschel, Ilya Morgan
Set Assistants: Ed Mehravaran, Lidija Ristic
Animation: Julia Kotowski / Chryptochrome Studio
Origami Artist: Clemens Ahrndt
Fashion Consultant: Maicol Herrera
Director of Photography: Alexander Klebe
Music and Lyrics: Karla Hajman / Stereochemistry
Music production: Spleen Rock&Pop Factory U.W.A. Heyder/“Quinzi“ Viola solo: Doreen Ooi
publisher: Dos Amigos Musik Berlin

And our album artwork:
photographer: Alexander Klebe
editing: Ed Mehravaran